Huell Howser's Ten Great Reasons to Share the Ride
He has explored nearly all of California and now the PBS star is exploring ways to get us out of our cars and into vanpools and carpools, trains and buses. Nothing less than our air quality and sanity are at stake. Well, yes, our budgets, too.
Ten Great Reasons
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Tales from the Fast Lane
Or why to ditch that car in favor of a better rideshare life.
PBS journalist Huell Howser got up way too early one morning to investigate just why vanpool and carpool, train and bus riders love leaving their cars at home. Here are some of their stories.


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Public transportation can help riders save about $8,500 per year. How are you using the money?
[hlkImage1] Maria Rivera: "I'm spending it on essentials."
[hlkImage1] Bruce Rahaman: "I pay bills and then I have enough money left for gas on the weekends so I can drive my car."
[hlkImage1] Christine Chavez: "I'm paying bills, utilities and the mortgage."
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Stephanie Wiggins, Metro Executive Officer for the ExpressLanes Demo Project, held a live chat on July 7, in which she discussed how ExpressLanes work and how much they could cost the solo driver to use. More than 70 participants joined the chat to find out how toll lanes can help thin out our ever-present, ever-expanding traffic.
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